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Lungo e Corto Folio Banner.png

Lungo e Corto (personal project | concept brand

Branding + Identity/ Logo Design/ Graphic
Design/ Illustration/ Packaging Design

ChallengE - 1 Day Project
To design the branding and packaging for a new handmade pasta company, branching out to supermarkets with a range of dried pastas.

The idea with this project was to contrast the typical pasta brands on our supermarket shelves that are often so stuffy and over crowded with information and messaging. 
The hand-lettered logotype is a nod to the more traditional Italian pasta branding, but is set against a bold typeface to and graphic illustrations to create a modern, contemporary feel. 

Lungo e Corto-100.jpg
Lungo e Corto Moodboard-100.jpg
Fusilli Packaging.png
Trottole Packaging.jpg
Cavatappi Packaging.jpg
Conchiglie Packaging.jpg
Spaghetti Packaging.jpg
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