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Able's (concept brand)

Direction/ Graphic Design/ Illustration/ Branding + Identity

To design the branding and visual identity for a new local coffee bar that specialises in house- made plant milks formulated 
specifically for coffee. The branding suite needed to include a logotype, logo icon, packaging design for consumables & product, as well as a menu.

The logotype and icon were designed to reflect both the coffee and the milk components of this brand. While plant milks are the product, they are created for coffee and are being presented in a coffee bar, so it was important to try and balance both of these in the visual identity. The logotype has elements of the coffee bean, but still retains a fluid character. The brand illustration represents Able herself to draw on that human connection to the company. The primary colour of teal green represents plants, nature, the eco consciousness of the brand. The secondary colour of burnt orange nods to the coffee element and the oatmeal speaks to the milk itself. The end result was a clean and deliberate brand that is approachable, grounded and  intriguing.

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