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WhoCan (concept brand)

Creative Direction/ Graphic Design/ Branding + Identity, Copywriting

To create a fresh brand and advertising campaign with marketing collateral for a new odd-job fulfilment marketplace. As a new e-commerce platform, it was important to communicate trust and confidence through branding by developing a friendly and approachable identity. 

The branding came together based on strong graphic elements and colour theory. The curved edges and rounded typeface promote a personable impression, while still retaining a professional and corporate feel.
The strategy for the ad campaign was to put a key focus on time as our most valuable and irreplaceable resource. As a relatively new concept, it was important to communicate the intention for the service and why it would improve quality of life. This then led the content and copy on household chore statistics, with average time spent on tasks like cleaning, laundry, cooking etc.
The result was a clean, accessible and commercial brand personality with an engaging marketing campaign.

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