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Kāri Organics Folio Banner.png

Kāri Organics (concept brand)

Branding + Identity/ Logo Design/ Graphic
Design/ Illustration/ Packaging Design

ChallengE - 1 Day Project
To design the branding and packaging for a new organic food
company launching a range of natural vegetable chips. 

Kāhi Organics Logo Suite_1_4x-100.jpg

With the snack and chip market hugely saturated, it was key to produce packaging that would differentiate itself from other products and clearly communicate the organic nature of the food. 

The logotype and icon were designed to convey the natural, organic values of the brand. The pared back design and illustrations represent the simplicity of the food and ingredients.  

Kāhi Organics Moodboard_1_4x-100.jpg
Kāri Beetrot + Carrot Chips Packaging_edited.png
Kāri Kale Chips Package_edited.jpg
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