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Lotto New Zealand | Local Grants

Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Print Assets 

(in-house | collab.)

Design the visual identity and guidelines for Local Grants  - the development of the Kiwis Helping Kiwis brand, Lotto NZ's grants board. Brief included rollout of digital and print assets for the launch of the brand and to create suites of templates for own channel assets and OOH spots for targeted regional advertising of grant recipients. 

Our development of the brand's visual identity stemmed from the lockup and the 'Love Pin' asset provided by advertising partner from the TVC end frame. Local Grants is all about giving back to our communities, highlighting that all profits go back to good causes and sharing amazing grant recipient stories from all around Aotearoa. We wanted this to be the cornerstone of the visual identity, so focused our exploration on ways to hero imagery and copy.

LOCKUP | TVC DDB Group Aotearoa

Art DirecTOR Gina Rich

Creative Direction | Design Katie Munro | Quinn West

Motion Design Leon Austin

CopyWriter Ed Knowles

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