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Lotto New Zealand

Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Game Design 

Create a set of four board games based on Snakes & Ladders for a company-wide initiative using employee-provided behavioural examples relating to the four pillars
of the company values. 

Due to the amount of data to be included in the game, the traditional style of Snakes & Ladders was going to be difficult to execute within the size requirements of the game board. I decided to introduce game cards which act as dice to move you forward or backwards depending on the positive or negative behaviour displayed. Removing this copy from the board allowed for more creativity of game play. To reduce content down even more for a sleeker design, I created the Snakes And/Or Ladders icons. Creating a subtle arrow to the grid allowed me to remove the numbers, further reducing content but still keeping a directional flow. Lastly, while thinking about the user interaction of two players typically sitting opposite each other, I added final design elements to allow the board to be readable from two directions. 

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