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Lotto New Zealand

Creative Direction, Graphic Design, campaign rollout
(in-house | collab,)

Create the campaign branding for Lotto NZ's partnership with the New Zealand Team for the 2024 Olympic Games. Design the visual direction for the activation promotion, a trip for two to the Paris, and develop this across the brand assets for the duration of the games.

A chic and premium campaign brand, utilising the Louvre Museum imagery to ground ourselves in Paris and connect with the overarching Lotto NZ brand triangles. The fern motifs connect us to our grassroots-to-world-stage sports funding and also to the iconic Olympic award laurels. The campaign launch weekend received the highest number of entries for a free-to-enter campaign. 

Art DirecTOR Gina Rich

Creative Direction | Design Katie Munro

Motion Design Leon Austin

CopyWriter Ed Knowles

Paris Promo iPhone.png
Paris Promo Web DT.png
Paris 2024 Stack.png
Paris eDM MB.png
PB 1729 Paris - ML Banner MB 960x1000.jpg
PB 1729 Paris - ML Banner MB 960x500.jpg
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