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Menswear Collection.

In the spirit of challenging myself to taking new directions with my work, I decided it was time to venture into menswear illustrations.

A few weeks ago I had spotted runway shots from Rank by Rani Kim on the Dazed and Confused website. A shot of a beautiful man wearing a space-like, boxy, scuba-looking jacket had caught my eye and I had saved it in my ever growing file of “stuff to draw”. I had thought it would be a good piece to work on collaging mixed media, like I did with Niki.

I loved how freeing it was to draw menswear and not feel so super precious about it like I did with all the beautiful, graceful women I tend to draw.

When I started illustrating womenswear I usually focused more on the model and only suggest the garments because I was interested in the psychology of fashion and how clothing can manipulate mentality.

But with menswear, I was working more on drawing the actual fabrics and textiles than the person wearing them. Which in itself was challenging, and took me right back to still life drawing classes at college.

The obvious next choice for my menswear illustration was my friend Steve Hall, who recently had a super successful runway show where he won the international emerging designer award at iD in Dunedin.

I’ve had a bit of an obsession with street style fashion since I discovered Yvan Rodic’s Facehunter and postcard collections of FRUiTS. So I started looking through the blogs and found a photo of a lovely Japanese man sporting some excellent polka dots from the Comme des Garcon x H&M collection.

I was on a bit of a roll, and started researching some other menswear designers in the hunt for some more interesting shapes.

There is now a folder steadily filling up of menswear that I want to add my collection of illustrations, the next on my list being Dior Homme’s a/w 2010 scarf/ polo necks.

These boys will be available to buy as a print on my Etsy shop next week! Keep an eye out

Rank by Rani

Rank by Rani

Steve Hall

Steve Hall

Comme des Garcon x H&M

Comme des Garcon x H&M

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