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Updated: Dec 11, 2020

In true fashion, this post comes about a year late. But who’s got time to be punctual, hey?

Off the back of my little feature on (you can read that blurb here), I was contacted by a lovely lady from London who was planning her wedding.

She had this awesome idea to commemorate each of her 60 wedding guests with individual hand drawn portraits. If you know much about me or my work, then you will know that this is my absolutely favourite kind of project.

So off I went, armed with photographs of my clients closest friends and family and my trusty pencil.  There were quite a few stages of planning and sketching, trials and errors and some very late nights after my 9-5.

It was quite an experience studying these photographs for weeks, I almost felt like I was getting to know these people. And that is why I love portraiture so much; it feels like such an intimate art form, you create your own stories for these people which adds such a personal element to each piece.

The portraits were printed on Moo’s Lux Square Business Cards as beautiful place card holders for the reception and each guest received their very own original portrait.

It was a very rewarding and yet a little sad moment when all 60 portraits were packaged, boxed and shipped off to the UK for the wedding.

But then 10 months later I finally get round to writing about it and I get to re live all the faces.


Wedding Venue: The Asylum, Peckham.

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